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5 Simple Hacks for Maintaining Your Best Blonde Outside of the Salon

There are small and simple - but EFFECTIVE - changes you can make to your routine to improve the health of your hair, and extend the life of your color...not all fixes have to be grandiose and time-consuming! 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your expensive salon color, we’ve compiled a list of 5 simple hacks for maintaining your best blonde outside of the salon. They may be short and simple, but rest assured they’ll make a world of difference! 

A Guide to Intermittent Conditioning Products

Unlike the in-shower and leave-in, serum-style conditioners that we all know and love, there’s a category of products - that we here at GBG affectionately refer to as “intermittent conditioning products” - that are used less frequently, yet offer deeper nourishment and conditioning benefits, more adeptly maintain hair health, and - bonus! - even extend salon color. 

As lovers of all hairs blonde, we simply cannot in good conscience keep these gems to we decided to share them with you via this Top 5 Guide, to help you discover new ways to nourish your blonde - and treat ‘yoself! 

The Blonde Benefits of Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

Hopefully your stylist discussed with you at-home upkeep for your blonde fabulousness, a spiel that almost certainly - and absolutely should have - covered the ease and efficacy of Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.

Just in case they didn’t - or if you’ve been a blondie a while and need a refresher - we decided to assemble a quick recap of the ins, outs, and benefits of purple, tips and tricks for getting the most from it, and the truths behind the most common misconceptions about it!

Why Does My Blonde Turn Brassy?

From the obvious to the obscure, we’ve researched the 6 most common causes of brass in your blonde. Read on for simple solutions to evade their ill effects, and tips and tricks for keeping your blonde as bodacious as the day you achieved it - and keeping the love for your locks alive! 

Which Blonding Technique Best Suits My Lifestyle?

Application techniques very widely, and choosing the right one for you is much like deciding on a haircut...while it’s tempting to go for whichever style looks the cutest (or the sexiest, or the get the idea), the biggest consideration should be lifestyle

Just like the fact that there are better cut ideas than a chin-length bob if you rely on ponytail capabilities to get you through the week, your color inspiration should suit your lifestyle, and be selected with your schedule and wallet in mind. 

You’re probably getting tired of making decisions pertaining to your hair transformation at this point...but fret not! We’ve put together this handy-dandy guide - highlighting the top 5 blondification techniques, average upkeep requirements, and the pros and cons of each - to help you narrow down your options and achieve the blonde of your dreams while staying within your means!

Which Shade of Blonde Is Best For My Skin Tone?

Once you’ve decided to test that “blondes have more fun” theory, be prepared for Phase 2 of the decision-making process: Deciding on the depth and tone of your desired blondeness. A bit of confusion as to which shade is right for you is perfectly normal…platinum sure is pretty, but will it look natural with your dark skin? 

With so many blondes to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of possibilities...from the purest pale pigments to delightfully dark complexions, there’s a blonde out there for you!

As lovers of blonde - icy cool to sunnily warm and every blonde in between - we’ve put together this quick guide to simplify Phase 2 of the “New Hair, New Me” process, so that you can get back to gorgeous in no time flat! 

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