5 Simple Hacks for Maintaining Your Best Blonde Outside of the Salon

So you’re already combatting common causes of brass in your blonde with a shower head filter, a swim cap for pool laps, and smarter color selection at the salon...but you’re STILL struggling with unwanted warmth between touch-ups.

So what more can you do?

There are small and simple - but EFFECTIVE - changes you can make to your routine to improve the health of your hair, and extend the life of your color...not all fixes have to be grandiose and time-consuming! 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your expensive salon color, we’ve compiled a list of 5 simple hacks for maintaining your best blonde outside of the salon. They may be short and simple, but rest assured they’ll make a world of difference! 

It’s not magic...it’s purple shampoo!

We all know that, while beautiful, blonde hair can take a lot of work. One of the quickest, easiest things you can do to maintain an icy cool hue is to rotate a purple shampoo into your cleansing routine once a week.

How does purple shampoo work? You can read all about it, and it’s sister purple conditioner, here. 

For those who want the short version, Purple Shampoo deposits a small amount of purple coloration to strands to counteract any unwanted warmth - like yellow, orange, red, or brassy undertones - for a cooler, brighter blonde. 

First rule of thumb: Be sure to invest in a quality product. (I’m clearly biased, but I’d highly recommend GBG Purple Shampoo...even if I’m wrong, the tens of thousands of people who’d agree can’t be!)

Secondly: Follow the instructions to a “T” the first few times. If you find, after giving it a few tries, you’d like to tweak the results - go ahead and play around with it a bit. If you you still have some yellowing, use a precision application technique to affect only the areas where it’s needed, or leave it in a bit longer than you did previously; conversely, if you find that the toner was over-absorbed and your locks were left with a touch of a purple hue, you can turn to a quality clarifying shampoo to remove the purple haze (that’s only if, of course, you’re not digging it!), and simply adjust the length of time you leave it on during future treatments. 

As Purple Shampoo gently lifts the hair’s cuticle to do its work and restore your blonde to its former icy glory, it can be a bit drying; experts agree that it should only be used once a week, twice at most - and always followed up by a high-quality conditioner to re-smooth and re-hydrate for luxuriously luscious locks. 

Hydration, hydration...and did we mention hydration?

It’s a widely accepted fact that blonding - no matter how carefully executed - strips moisture from locks, which can lend a dry feel and straw-like appearance if not combatted regularly. 

Regardless of how often you’re shampooing (it’s worth mentioning that less is more in that department), you should always follow up the cleansing process with a quality conditioner! 

Apply thoroughly to freshly-washed locks in the shower, and leave in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly to ensure that hair is nourished and hydrated for a silky soft, shiny finish.

When it comes to rinsing and styling, you really should...

Keep It Cool

All the nutrients and moisture in the world won’t do a lick of good if it’s not sealed in by the cuticle! When rinsing to remove conditioner, use cool water - or even cold water, if you can stand it - to smooth the cuticle and lock in hydration. Doing so will not only promote a more gorgeous finish, but it will also work to keep out dulling mineral deposits and shade-shifting chemical buildup - resulting in healthier, shinier, stronger locks in the long run. 

Equally as beneficial as a cold post-condition rinse is utilizing a lower setting during heat-styling like blow-drying or flat-ironing. Short-term, the benefit here is a more effective “setting” of your desired style - which allows for longer wear and less susceptibility to frizz and flattening. This simple trick also means less heat-related strand damage - which heeds a happier, more manageable mane in the long run.

Even on the lowest setting, heated styling methods can wreak havoc on hair, so you should...

Never Underestimate The Value Of A Quality Hair Serum

Commonly referred to as “leave-in conditioner” or “blowout serum”, Hair Serums can provide a wide array of benefits for hair health - and enhance the styling process and staying power of your look - in a single step. Quality is the name of the game here...a good serum will be light in weight, but heavy in benefits! 

While GBG doesn’t currently offer a Serum, we’re loving this 3X Hair Boost Serum by Boldify! Referred to around our offices as “The Multitasker”, their Biotin-infused complex acts as a leave-in conditioner, growth enhancer, thermal protectant, and thickener - all in one natural, deliciously-scented formula. Just a dime-sized dollop of this ultra-lightweight serum on freshly-washed, towel-dried locks pumps up the volume while protecting against all the heat your blow-dryer can throw. 

(I know, it’s a little strange to promote another company’s product in our blog...BUT, we’re dedicated to helping you get your gorgeous back, and Boldify Hair Serum definitely does the trick!)

Deep Conditioners & Masques & Glosses, Oh My!

I promise, I haven’t suddenly slipped into senility since the “Hydration, hydration, hydration” section...this is a tip all it’s own!

In addition to your regular post-shampoo conditioner, you’ll want to add intermittent conditioning treatments to your routine that more deeply quench and nourish locks, and better protect and maintain your ideal hue.

There are many options when it comes to such treatments...you can learn more about their differences in our blog post, “A Guide to Intermittent Conditioning Products”

As you’ll discover, while all possibilities have the mutual goal of improving condition and maintaining a truer color for longer, each type of treatment boasts its own unique benefits. For instance, a deep conditioner offers lightweight moisture that might better suit those with finer locks, however a hair masque may heed a more optimal result for particularly dry or brittle strands. Time commitment is also an important consideration; while a gloss treatment may only need to be done once a month, it takes longer overall than a masque application that’s recommended on a weekly basis - so you’ll want to take your schedule into account accordingly.

Achieving the desired results - and being satisfied with the process - ultimately depends upon choosing the treatment that most closely aligns with your goals and best suits your lifestyle.