Brand Spotlight: Get To Know GBG!

Get Back Gorgeous understands that blonde hair is a commitment - which is why we’re committed to helping you maintain your best blonde with high-quality products that enhance hair tone, texture, appearance, and health.

Our revolutionary product line is formulated by leading stylists to nourish hair naturally - without the harsh chemicals and preservatives found in many products - with the goal of  fostering confidence and self-love for women of all ages. Whether you’re looking to enhance texture and fullness or discover a more brilliant tone, GBG has a product to help you Get Back Gorgeous! 

The products will speak for themselves...but today, we’re here to shine a spotlight on our principles, our people, and our promise! 

Effective, Affordable At-Home Blonde Care Made Simple

Every blonde has experienced the struggle at one point or another...there’s the dullness, dryness, unwanted brassy undertones, and ever-shifting shades that come with coloring or bleaching, let alone the dingy yellow tinge that tends to overtake natural blonde tones. 

The GBG Color Correction Line tones natural or processed blonde, grey, silver, and white hair to cool perfection while deeply nourishing, conditioning, and protecting strands from future UV damage and discoloration. 

In addition to improving tone and texture, our products help to extend the life of expensive salon color, simply and safely, in just a few minutes a week. Gone are the days of getting in the car, driving to the salon, and paying exorbitant prices for a toning service to banish brash and cool down your blonde...with GBG, you get salon results right at home - on your schedule, for a fraction of the cost!

Developed by Stylists, Proven by Science

The Get Back Gorgeous family thrives on the belief that selectively setting the standard is the key to creating the safest, most effective products available...and we’re not afraid to be picky when it comes to quality and safety! 

We formulate our products with world-renowned stylists to make sure that our customers get the results they’ve come to know and love with every new product we create. 

We manufacture our products in best-in-field facilities that consistently exceed the highest safety standards to ensure the quality of each and every bottle that rolls off the line. 

We rigorously inspect and thoroughly test our products post-production to ensure all batches exceed our quality expectations and adhere to our strict safety standards.

When you buy GBG, you’re buying decades of combined knowledge and experience, a steady adherence to the strictest quality standards, and highly effective products made with only the finest ingredients!

A 100% Cruelty-Free Company

The Get Back Gorgeous family firmly believes that animals are ours to love and care for, not to test products on - which is why we’re committed to our Cruelty-Free standard.

We do not test our products on animals, and we do not work with third-parties who do. Period. 

From formulation to post-production evaluation, GBG and our partners bring to market the highest quality products via 100% Cruelty-Free methods. 

Extensive Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve all been there...coming across a product online with great reviews that appears to have the power to cure all of our hair woes. We click “Buy”, anxiously await the miracle’s arrival, and excitedly use it the first chance we get...

Only to find that it doesn’t do for us what it’s done for others.

We are so sure that GBG products will help you get your gorgeous back that we stand fully behind each and every one with our comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee. No more money down the it, try it, and love it...or your money back. Period!

It’s simple: Buy a bottle of any GBG product. Open upon arrival, and give it a go. 

Have questions? We’re there to help! Maybe you need application tips or a different color of Hair Fibers...reach out, and we’ll gladly assist. That’s what we’re here for!

Dissatisfied with your purchase? Let us know! It’s as easy as sending us an email with your Order Number and sharing that your experience wasn’t what you’d hoped. We’ll refund the full purchase price (excluding shipping) - no return required - within 24 hours. 

Which transitions us nicely to Number 5…

Top-Notch In-House Customer Care 

We truly value our customers, appreciate their business, and respect their time - which is why we don't entrust Customer Care to anyone else. Ever. 

The GBG Customer Care Team is made up of the best of the best, right here in the US. We dedicate ourselves to training and development, and empower our team to take ownership of customer questions and concerns to ensure efficient and effective resolution. 

We pride ourselves on industry-leading response times and strive for first contact resolution to ensure that questions are answered and problems are solved well, and as quickly as possible. 

You shouldn’t have to choose between expedience or deserve both, and the GBG Customer Care Team is dedicated to delivering!